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Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars

Bedtime Stories for Kids Aged 3-8
by Alice June  NL Netherlands

October 29, 2020   |    426 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars - Book coverGraf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars is a bedtime story in English that is great for kids who love animals and magic. It is a fantastic illustration of how kindness and candidness help those in true need.

Do you believe in magic?

Graf the puppy lives inside a mansion together with his mommy. His life is easy and enjoyable. But he is also a curious little fellow. The world outside the mansion excites him, and he yearns to find out how other dogs live. Once, he caught a glimpse of what that world looks like and meets a puppy just like him. Graf is heartbroken! It turned out that somebody hurt his defenseless little buddy. Graf decides to help his new-found friend and asks his mommy for advice.

Will his dreams come true?

Will he be able to help the little puppy?

Does the renowned Night of the Stars exist?

And, most importantly, what is real magic all about?

Why would you buy it?

This children’s book has a strong moral to it. It aims to show kids what really matters in life and how important it is to be kind to others. The story is beautifully written; it is a perfect book for boys and girls alike. If you are looking for a read that is all about kindness, virtuousness and desire to help others, then Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars is the perfect choice.

Who will enjoy it?

This children’s book is tailor-made for both natives and non-natives as the language and sentences are simple and succinct. The plot will grab the attention of toddlers and preschoolers and evoke their emotions.

Is it suitable for parents only?

Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars is more than a bedtime story. It is a lesson of helpfulness and compassion. Therefore, the book is perfect for kindergartens and nurseries. The caretakers can read it to kids and show the importance of being kind to each other.

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