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Alyona Hudson


Alyona Hudson is a home cook, and despite the common connotations of the term being perceived as condescending and even a synonym for “pretend cook,” Alyona is proud of being called one. This passion for home cooking has led her to food photography, food styling, recipe development, and tons of unforgettable days spent at home with friends and family. Today, this now almost 20-year old fascination with food and love for cooking has manifested itself into few cookbooks. Her ideal reader is anyone looking to add quick, easy, delicious recipes to their everyday lives, and for those who want to impress friends and family or maybe just try something different for a change. She offers uncomplicated recipes that celebrate ingredients and always encourages experimenting and making any recipe your own. She promotes a healthy home cooking environment, where food brings friends and family together and doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to the point it becomes a choir.

Alyona’s books, “THE EASIEST 5-MINUTE BREAD + 40 complimentary recipes,” and, “WORLD CLASSICS, HOME EDITION,” are both coming out in the fall. And a perfect book home bartending book for exiting at-home entertaining, “THE BOOK OF FUN SUMMER DRINKS” is the first one to see the light of day. All of the photos are taken at home and a lot of the produce is grown in a small, though loved, garden.

Alyona was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, though she spent most of her childhood in the world’s food Mecca - New-York. And though those awesome years on the 5th floor of the light-grey building on the 67th and 3rd just across Synagogue and Police Department are long gone, she can still win an argument on thin crust vs. dip dish. After the best in the world NY-based cuisine, Alyona lived for years in Scandinavia, a bit in Canada then settling down in Kyiv and traveling, mostly for her day job, but in a large part, for food. This sort of food tourism quickly turned into another beloved hobby. And somewhere in-between the hip Berlin restaurant scene, awesome sea life markets of Kota Kinabalu, amazing chefs of Copenhagen and Vilnius, and an unforgettable taste of fresh food in Mexico, the love for food grew and favorite recipes piled up. She traveled extensively through Italy, having spent some time in culinary heaven that is Parma, Venice, Florence, Verona, Bologna, Milano, Pesaro, and more. Scandinavia, Berlin, Britain, France, Switzerland, and of course, amazing culinary journeys through Ukraine will someday transform into another book.

Books by Alyona Hudson

The Easy Homemade Bread Cookbook - Book cover
To everyone looking for easy-to-bake bread recipes—welcome! You are in the right place. I absolutely love bread! There’s something about a delicious loaf of fresh bread that can just freeze a bad day and instantly make it so much better. If you think about it, bread is really about our identity. I specifically remember all of the breads I loved when I was a kid, and that love never went away. Then I grew up and started traveling.
Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine
This summer drinks book is a fun take on an at-home bartending. And one thing a summer drinks recipe should always be is fun, above all else. Honestly, there isn’t a need to spend tons of cash on fully stocking your home bar or time on learning and perfecting dozens of complicated cocktails to impress friends and family. First of all, time is precious and money is hard to earn, so let’s try to save both of them for better things in life.
Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine