The Easy Homemade Bread Cookbook

2 Simple Bread Recipes and 50+ Complementary Dishes (Homemade Bread Recipe Book)

To everyone looking for easy-to-bake bread recipes—welcome! You are in the right place.

I absolutely love bread! There’s something about a delicious loaf of fresh bread that can just freeze a bad day and instantly make it so much better. If you think about it, bread is really about our identity. I specifically remember all of the breads I loved when I was a kid, and that love never went away. Then I grew up and started traveling. I can recall the first time I tried Italian bread in Parma:ciabatta with olive oil and salt…unquestionably gorgeous. And the first French baguette with soft cheese and wine I’ve shared with friends in Annecy. I cherish all of the memories of my few years in Copenhagen along with their very Danish rugbrød. I remember the first time standing in a German bakery and not knowing where to look and what to pick. Expensive and very awesome zopf in Switzerland, Montreal bagels in Toronto, khachapuriin Tbilisi, roti canai in Kota Kinabalu, tortillas in Cancun, simit in Istanbul, bagels in New York…I can go on and on!These places have specific bread-based memories,and all of them hold a very special place in my heart.

So yes, I definitely love bread! Though, until just a couple of years ago, all of my at-home gatherings included a trip to the local bakery because, even though I’ve been cooking for decades, I just couldn’t bring myself to learn how to make a proper loaf of homemade bread. I always thought that homemade bread ingredients were complicated, and easy homemade bread recipes nonexistent. Honestly, one of my favorite bread books (I bought it for the gorgeous photos and beautiful designs)right there on the second page told me that I have to “develop the bread culture for eight days.” And that was phase one of the bread-making process!Can’t relate to that whatsoever. Many other recipes promising “easy recipes for baking bread” told me to either “develop a feeling” when I need to stop kneading or to invest in a professional oven to enjoy simple homemade bread or to “knead like a monk.” …Nope! No to all of it! So, I kept going to my favorite bakery right until COVID-19 hit, at which point I had way too much free time on my hands.

But now I can state that I found two ideal easy-to-make bread recipes and perfected them so that anyone can bake a stunning, fabulous loaf of bread! With minimum effort,minimum kitchen appliances, and in a non-professional, very ordinary oven. Soft, airy, crunchy, and just absolutely delicious.

The first recipe in my homemade bread cookbook will allow you to have fresh bread on your table literally within forty minutes to an hour, and most of that time is for proofing and baking. The hands-on time amounts to like five minutes, if that. For me, this bread resembles the sweet bread made with lots of butter and eggs.The second easy bread-baking recipes my forever love. It is the easiest bread you’ll ever make in your life! It takes half of a day to make it, BUT the actual hands-on part is not more than ten minutes, and you aren’t needed for the rest of the time. The proofing and baking will go on without you being anywhere near the kitchen.

Absolutely gorgeous recipe, and, for me, this one resembles ciabatta. Crunchy, soft inside with huge amount of bubbles.

Then, to complement this new bread-baking superpower of yours, this homemade bread recipe book includes 50 fabulous recipes that are truly beloved in my family. They are all easy and extremely tasty, and a fresh, fabulously crunchy piece of homemade bread complements all of them so well.

Plus, there are six of my favorite stunning cocktail recipes that you will love! Also, the photos are mine, and all of these delicious meals were devoured by my family and friends. I really hope you enjoy cooking with me! Cheers

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