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Amber Rich


I'm Amber Rich. I am happy - I have a husband and wonderful children. In addition, I am successful in my profession. I'm a psychologist and personal development coach. After working for years, I had built up a collection of simple and effective tips - and finally decided to write a book. I want to share many of my own my knowledge and experiences with you because it will help you to solve a lot of problems and improve your life. I like to draw and do yoga and I have a big dream - I want to visit 100 countries!

Books by Amber Rich

Manage Your Productivity - Book Cover

Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how? What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill?A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. I’m talking about productivity. All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. Now is the best time to learn how to be more productive and efficient and finally how to be successful.

Non Fiction > Personal Development
Self-Love: Start Loving Yourself and Change the World by Amber Rich. Book cover
The book «Self-Love: Start Loving Yourself and Change the World. A Self-Help Guide to Changing Yourself and Creating a Happy Life» is the result of the author's personal experience. The book aims to show the importance of self-love and teach you сreating happy and harmonious life. The book will give you the necessary tools and knowledge.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet