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Anna Palin


With a big love for writing and parenting, Anna Palin is dedicated to helping other parents and their children to become more conscious in their mutual relationships from the very born of the child. Anna is passionate about taking smart actions in raising children so they make smart decisions in future and live happy fulfilled lives. She thinks great values and life lessons of course in an easy to understand manner, are to be discussed with kids starting from their infancy.

Anna Palin is a mother of four children with extensive experience in writing and love for kids.

"As a mother of four, I know it can be hard to bring up even one but with the proper approach and full understanding of the process you can get your children have a mindset of the happy being no matter which life situation they might face.
Being able to make a difference and help others is what makes my job meaningful"

Books by Anna Palin

Mindset of the Happy - Book cover
A look at what it takes to parent a child with the end-goal of raising a well-rounded, happy adult. This book looks at each stage of development from Birth, Toddlers, Young Children, to Teenagers and Young Adults and how to focus on happiness and your child’s well-being while handling some of each age groups unique developmental challenges.
Non Fiction > Parenting & Family