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Mindset of the Happy

Raising Conscious, Emotionally Healthy and Strong-Willed Child
Book by Anna Palin

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April 23, 2017  |  1,306 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Mindset of the Happy - Book coverA look at what it takes to parent a child with the end-goal of raising a well-rounded, happy adult. This book looks at each stage of development from Birth, Toddlers, Young Children, to Teenagers and Young Adults and how to focus on happiness and your child’s well-being while handling some of each age groups unique developmental challenges. This book will help guide you through how to promote learning in each age group, as well as how to set your child up for success in all aspects of their life. Helpful tips are included for realistic scenarios, with ways to approach the situation as a parent including teaching finances, social interactions, and trying or difficult behaviors. Parenting is a challenging task, this book sets out to give you the tools to look at your child developmentally, with a focus on the adult you hope to raise.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Focusing on verbal interactions that will set you baby up for success with future learning, how to handle colicky babies, and the importance of reading to your child

How to handle the inevitable toddler tantrum and their newfound independence, what discipline looks like, and how to help nurture their natural inquisitive nature and learning

How to help them build social skills, how to handle bullying and difficult social interactions while learning about forgiveness, teaching your child about gratitude, and what to do if you are faced with an extremely difficult, willful child

How to balance your child wanting to be an adult but still needing to be parented, how to help guide your child through life choices and figuring out what they want to do in their life, and teaching your teenager how to be a successful, responsible adult

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With a big love for writing and parenting, Anna Palin is dedicated to helping other parents and their children to become more conscious in their mutual relationships from the very born of the child. Anna is passionate about taking smart actions in raising children so they make smart decisions in future and live happy fulfilled lives. She thinks great values and life lessons of course in an...

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