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Bea Giovanni


Bea Giovanni is a former government lawyer, i.e., not an attorney, who has written scholarly articles on international and domestic law, IP, anti-terrorism, religion and innovation. Since, she served as a United Nations Delegate for a NGO, a mediator and associate professor. She enjoys watching movies (with action, fantasy and sci-fi and comedy being her favorites), traveling, trying out the newest tech gadgets, eating at food carts, fitness, gummy bears, and spending time with friends and family. Bea lives in Portland, Oregon with her family and two rescue dogs. Bernice Rathe is her debut novel. To contact Bea, please visit

Books by Bea Giovanni

Bernice Rathe - Book cover

Revenge best served cold. Deep, dark, state secrets send Bernice on a journey like no other. Deemed a music child prodigy and becoming one of the youngest prosecutors in the nation, Bernice Rathe is undoubtedly a high achiever and accomplished person, who had to overcome many barriers to achieve her success. Bernice’s ambition and desire to fight for justice led her to apply for a top secret government job.

Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers