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Benny Kloth-Jorgensen


Benny Kloth-Jorgensen is an accomplished Danish author who has 13 published books in Danish and English including fiction and non-fiction. Since his teens he has been a curious explorer of life in order to unravel the secrets to a successful life. His life long journey has taken him far and wide in subjects like western and eastern philosophy, religions, New Age philosophy, hypnotism and even esoteric subjects like past lives, shamanism, clairvoyance, crystal healing etc. No stone was left unturned in order to find the keys to a successful life as described in this book.

He uses the same principles as described in his book on a daily basis and lives in a successful and happy marriage, now for 40 years, and has two children and four grandchildren.

Books by Benny Kloth-Jorgensen

Stepping Stones to Success (book) by Benny Kloth-Jorgensen
Are you tired and frustrated with your disappointing life? Do you feel like a failure? Do you find yourself envying friends and acquaintances who have achieved greater heights in life? You are not alone, and you should not give up hope for a better future! In his latest book "Stepping Stones to Success", up-and-coming author Benny Kloth-Jorgensen has revealed that everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things if they know how to tap into their inner-power.
Non Fiction