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Stepping Stones to Success

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October 3, 2016  |  1,313 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Stepping Stones to Success (book) by Benny Kloth-JorgensenAre you tired and frustrated with your disappointing life? Do you feel like a failure? Do you find yourself envying friends and acquaintances who have achieved greater heights in life? You are not alone, and you should not give up hope for a better future! In his latest book "Stepping Stones to Success", up-and-coming author Benny Kloth-Jorgensen has revealed that everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things if they know how to tap into their inner-power. Deemed as one of this author's best works, "Stepping Stones to Success" stands out from the other motivational books. Instead of trying to force positive reaffirmations, this book actually shows you why you need to start believing yourself more. Order your copy and discover the path to a happy life!

"Stepping Stones to Success" has been designed to help those who have lost faith in themselves and in their abilities. Through this book, author Benny Kloth-Jorgensen wants to help the lost souls get back on the right track. Filled with real life inspirational stories and motivational speeches from influential people, the book serves the purpose of showing the power of will. The author has expressed how anyone can achieve anything so long as they put the right effort in the right place. Through actual rags to riches stories, the author has proved that even ordinary people are capable reaching their goals.
In over 40 chapters, the author has discussed various aspects of realizing one's true potential, harnessing inner-strength to reach one's goals, and using their natural talents to get what they want in life. Benny Kloth-Jorgensen has also shed light on the twelve universal laws that govern the universe and directly affect one's life. Aside from that, the book offers in-depth understanding of the power of thought, power of imagination, power of visualization, the power of now, the power of forgiveness and much more!

"Stepping Stones to Success" shows that God has not put a limit to what we can achieve. The limitations are always put in place by us. Break those barriers that stand in the way of success with the guidance of "Stepping Stones to Success". Buy this book today!

About Benny Kloth-Jorgensen

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Benny Kloth-Jorgensen is an accomplished Danish author who has 13 published books in Danish and English including fiction and non-fiction. Since his teens he has been a curious explorer of life in order to unravel the secrets to a successful life. His life long journey has taken him far and wide in subjects like western and eastern philosophy, religions, New Age philosophy, hypnotism and even...

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