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Carla D E Godfrey


Carla started writing when she was very young as a hobby and hasn't stopped since. Her genre is contemporary fiction and all her books can be purchased on Amazon.

Books by Carla D E Godfrey

Strings Attached by Carla D E Godfrey. Book cover
Strings Attached tells the story of a woman who has had her confidence severely knocked when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. After divorcing him…her self-esteem is rock bottom until she meets Jeremy who is twelve years younger than herself. Despite her reservations; Jeremy is the epitome of truth that age doesn’t matter as he proves himself to be very mature and is fully prepared to integrate himself into her life and to even face to potential dislike of her two grown children who are merely ten years younger than himself.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
If I Were You - Book cover

Introducing the cheater and the cheated: Celine is heartbroken, her perfect too-good-to-be-true boyfriend has actually turned out...well...literally too good to be true. So she swears off men for life. Jake can't see what the problem is; she KNEW it was only ever a one night stand so why has his latest conquest turned into such a freak? He's had enough and needs a new challenge.

Fiction > Romance
Just A Number by Carla Godfrey. Book cover
Just a Number tells the story of a man who finds himself being forced to face his past; a past that he is not particularly proud of and one that left him with emotional conflict and pain. His desire the sever all ties comes to an end when he is required by an ex-teacher to tell his side of the story. Rather than have the chance to escape, he is forced to re-live painful memories and face some hard truths.
Fiction > General