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Just A Number

by Carla Godfrey  GB United Kingdom

February 22, 2017   |    1,567 reads    |   0 comments

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Just A Number - Book coverJust a Number tells the story of a man who finds himself being forced to face his past; a past that he is not particularly proud of and one that left him with emotional conflict and pain. His desire the sever all ties comes to an end when he is required by an ex-teacher to tell his side of the story. Rather than have the chance to escape, he is forced to re-live painful memories and face some hard truths. As he embarks upon this trip down memory lane, he begins to discover more things about himself that even he didn't know and indeed about the controversial love affair that has haunted him for so many years.

As he tells his story; he slowly realizes with regret that he never did truly let go - or indeed- that he ever wanted to.

Author's Note: 

Just A Number came from a desire to break the mold of writing a traditional romance and to explore something different and more controversial. I took inspiration from other books such as The Reader by Bernhard Schlink in the sense that it was a relationship between two people with a big age gap. I wanted the storyline to be controversial but I was very careful with the ages so I set a limit of eighteen for the boy as I wanted people to focus on the fact that the love affair was between teacher and pupil, not because the pupil was under age.


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