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Chantal Bellehumeur


I am a Canadian author with several published novels of various genres as well as numerous short stories, poems and articles featured in compilation books, magazine, plus a local newspaper.

Books by Chantal Bellehumeur

I'll Take You to See the Ocean - Book cover
In this heartwarming short story, a widowed mother in her late twenties does her best to raise a child on her own while keeping the memory of her late husband alive. Caroline's five-year-old son James wants to see the ocean because he associates it with his deceased father whom he has never met. In order to fulfill her son's wish, Caroline takes him on a week-long cruise to the Magdalen Islands one summer.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
Hidden Secrets - Book cover
While cleaning out the attic of her deceased grandmother's Victorian farmhouse, Alice discovers old letters and diaries she can't help but read. Their romantic and emotional content end up revealing many shocking secrets that lead to a series of questions Alice feels the need to investigate.
Fiction > Short Stories