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Chantal Bellehumeur


Chantal Bellehumeur is a Canadian author born in 1981. She has 19 published books of various genres as well as numerous short stories, memoirs, poems and articles featured in compilation books, eMagazines, plus a local newspaper.

Books by Chantal Bellehumeur

Past Lives. Book by Chantal Bellehumeur. Book cover
Have you ever had a dream that is so vivid that it feels real; so real, that when you wake up from that dream you're confused about your surroundings and wonder what's going on? Shortly after being jolted awake and orienting herself, the dreams (more like nightmares most of the time) always start to feel like faint memories to Sandra; not a memory of the dreams themselves, but of her own life. The dreams all being set in different time periods when she wasn't even born yet, Sandra wonders if they could be memories of her past lives.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal
The Highland Dancer (book) by Chantal Bellehumeur. Book cover
A Nova Scotia girl deeply embraces her Scottish heritage through the art of highland dancing. With her family's ongoing support, Ainsley's growing talent and determination lead her to win multiple dance competitions which seeds her eventual career as a renowned dance teacher.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
I'll Take You to See the Ocean - Book cover
In this heartwarming short story, a widowed mother in her late twenties does her best to raise a child on her own while keeping the memory of her late husband alive. Caroline's five-year-old son James wants to see the ocean because he associates it with his deceased father whom he has never met. In order to fulfill her son's wish, Caroline takes him on a week-long cruise to the Magdalen Islands one summer.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
Hidden Secrets - Book cover
While cleaning out the attic of her deceased grandmother's Victorian farmhouse, Alice discovers old letters and diaries she can't help but read. Their romantic and emotional content end up revealing many shocking secrets that lead to a series of questions Alice feels the need to investigate.
Fiction > Short Stories