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Clark Viehweg has written several books on subjects ranging from metaphysics to thriller fiction. The Dragon Fly is a thriller featuring a native American seeking revenge against the U.S Government for killing his father and destroying his home. Hokee Wolf, my latest novel is available at I was an entrepreneur for 30 years creating six successful companies. I've enjoyed mountain climbing, motorcycle riding and outdoor camping. In addition to advanced degrees in Engineering I earned a law degree.

Readers will find shamanism and Magick in many of my stories. Yes, I do mean Magick, not magic. I have spent many years in the study and practice of these arts with many great teachers. Much of what I learned cannot be written about; however what you will read is as accurate as I am able to describe.

Books by Clark Viehweg

Hokee Wolf - Book cover
On a sunny afternoon in sleepy southeastern Idaho, a bread truck carrying three million dollars in cash receipts from West Yellowstone is robbed on a lonely pine shrouded highway. Except for the missing money, there is no evidence that a robbery ever occurred. Hokee Wolf is a trained Native American shaman, and by using his unusual skills became Idaho’s most successful private investigator.
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