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Hokee Wolf

by Clark Viehweg  US United States

May 5, 2018   |    805 reads    |   0 comments

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Hokee Wolf - Book coverOn a sunny afternoon in sleepy southeastern Idaho, a bread truck carrying three million dollars in cash receipts from West Yellowstone is robbed on a lonely pine shrouded highway. Except for the missing money, there is no evidence that a robbery ever occurred. Hokee Wolf is a trained Native American shaman, and by using his unusual skills became Idaho’s most successful private investigator. He was hired to find the thief or thieves and return the money. A glamorous New York Television reporter named Glory, temporarily exiled for her safety, joins Hokee in his investigation. Using the sweat lodge ceremonies, Hokee teaches Glory many of the shaman rituals he uses in his investigations. The search leads through Hells Canyon, underground rivers, The River of No Return, treacherous cinder cone lava flats, and ultimately to an island in the Caribbean where they both nearly lose their lives.

About The Author

Clark Viehweg has written several books on subjects ranging from metaphysics to thriller fiction. The Dragon Fly is a thriller featuring a native American seeking revenge against the U.S Government for killing his father and destroying his home. Hokee Wolf, my latest novel is available at I was an entrepreneur for 30 years creating six successful companies. I've enjoyed mountain climbing, motorcycle riding and outdoor camping. In addition to advanced degrees in Engineering I earned a law degree.

Readers will find shamanism and Magick in many of my stories. Yes, I do... more

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