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Cynethea Cunningham


Cynethea Cunningham, is a wife, mother, great grandmother, and great-great-aunt. From childhood, creativity has been her passion which through the years has been expressed through doll-making, various handmade crafts and writing non-fiction and poetry.
She earned a Bachelor of Religious Education degree prior to serving as a missionary for three years in Liberia, West Africa at the ZUO Mission Station where she taught elementary education and the Bible to children. Dove Inspired Publishing efforts have motivated her to combine all of her creative passions to make her dream of becoming an author a reality.
Her first book "Growing in Christ Steps to a Firm Foundation" published in December 2019 stems from her love for children and her desire to make a positive spiritual impact in their lives. It is also an outgrowth from the many children she has been privileged to teach and share God's word with since becoming a Christian and answering the Lord’s call to serve in children’s ministry.
Cynethea lives in Silver Spring Maryland with her husband and best friend, Ward Byron. They have been married for 44 years and counting!

Books by Cynethea Cunningham

Growing In Christ Steps to a Firm Foundation by Cynethea Cunningham. Book cover
A Bible study workbook that addresses the key areas (Salvation, Baptism, and Communion) that are critical to a child’s exposure and comprehensive understanding of what is being asked of her or him as they begin to build and mature in a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. Theologically sound and scripture-based, as well as child-friendly. The format is quick-paced enough to capture and engage both the instructor and the student.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality