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Growing In Christ Steps to a Firm Foundation

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Growing In Christ Steps to a Firm Foundation by Cynethea Cunningham. Book coverA Bible study workbook that addresses the key areas (Salvation, Baptism, and Communion) that are critical to a child’s exposure and comprehensive understanding of what is being asked of her or him as they begin to build and mature in a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.  Theologically sound and scripture-based, as well as child-friendly. The format is quick-paced enough to capture and engage both the instructor and the student.  Artwork and graphics are culture-sensitive and allow for the broad dissemination and use of this tool as a workbook in diverse environments and communities. 

A great resource for parents, Sunday School teachers, and children’s ministry leaders which ably captures several areas that make reading and teaching this material a valued asset to kingdom growth for all children.


Author's Notes

I am the instructor for my church’s Pre-Baptism Program for the Youth which consists of 4 classes. I started teaching the classes in June 2019. Initially, the curriculum consisted of 5 individual workbooks that were given to each student over the course of the 4 weeks. I felt that the 5 books were too many and that having the pertinent subject matter incorporated into one book would be easier for students and instructors to maneuver and would be more cost-effective. I shared this with the Christian Education Director. She told me if I found another curriculum that would work better to let her know and we would go from there. It was at that moment I was inspired to write Growing in Christ Steps to a Firm Foundation which incorporates all of the pertinent subject matter into one workbook which has been well received and accepted as the standard curriculum for our pre-baptism program's curriculum!

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Cynethea Cunningham is a poet, author and artist. She is gifted with creativity and expresses it through various mediums. She learned how to sew, crochet, craft, and make dolls on her own. Writing is her favored means of expressing thoughts, imagination, and beliefs. She particularly enjoys writing poems that tell a story, and she believes that Christian poetry is a powerful and effective way...

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