ESTHER Heroine of The Purim Story
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Delivered By a Queen. Book by Cynethea Cunningham. Book coverThe book of Esther tells the story celebrated at Purim of how the young Jewish Queen Esther risked her life to save her people from destruction through a plot laid by wicked Haman, advisor to the Persian King Ahasuerus. God in His Divine Providence turned things around, and the day set for their destruction became a day of celebration. Even though His name is never mentioned, God is present and actively working behind the scenes, arranging every event to bring about His divine purpose for the salvation and preservation of His chosen people, the Jews.

There are ten chapters in the Book of Esther, and it is from these ten chapters the author has written Esther's story as a poem in rhyme. Scriptural poetry must represent the truth it attempts to portray, and it is reflected in a delightful educational poem that people of all ages can understand and remember. To highlight the importance of the book of Esther following the poem are additional topics for curious people who have more questions than answers about Esther's story.


Author's Note

My desire to compose a poem that would inspire people through Esther's story served as my inspiration for writing this book. Poetry and nonfiction can work well together! Poetry predates written text and was most likely used to help people remember oral history. Poetic techniques can help to make nonfiction more memorable, not to mention the emotional benefits poetry can provide.

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