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David K Scholes


David Scholes has written eight separate collections of speculative fiction short stories and two science fiction novellas.

David has been a regular contributor to the Antipodean SF, the Beam Me Up Pod Cast and the Farther Stars Than These sites. He has also been published on a variety of other speculative fiction sites including Bewildering Stories, 365 Tomorrows, the WiFiles and the former Golden Visions magazine.

Books by David K Scholes

Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories - Book cover
The book comprises a collection of fast paced, action packed, science fiction and science fantasy stories. The lead story “Human Hunter” is based on a story arc pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod cast site during 2014/15. To acquire an alien artifact an Earth organization courts disaster by illegally employing Xelk human hunters.
Fiction > Science Fiction
A Collection of Science Fiction Gems - Book cover
The book contains 36 fast paced, action packed and entertaining science fiction and science fantasy short stories. From dangerous Pursuits through hyperspace to Cold Case investigations involving travel into the future to Virtual Reality Traveller machines that really work to the frustrated aliens of Ground Team Report to Earth’s overburdening Galactic Commitment.
Fiction > Science Fiction