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David Logan


David Logan is one of the most popular nutritionists. The author of books on the method of losing weight. Buy books by David Logan is necessary for those who want to learn how to eat right, drop extra pounds, and start a new life in a beautiful and healthy body. For such people, the work of David Logan is an inexhaustible source of valuable recommendations and tips to combat overweight and improve the overall health of the body.

Books by David Logan

Keto for beginners made simple by David Logan. A short guide on how to lose weight, feel better and think faster. Book cover
Do you want to lose weight, improve your health, and start thinking faster? Would you like to choose a new eating regimen yet don't know which one is suitable for you? You are wondering if a ketogenic diet is right for you? With the Keto diet, success is much easier than you think! This short guide to the ketogenic diet for beginners will give you an idea of the meaning, origin and most important points of this diet! This book is a Keto guide for beginners who want a ketogenic lifestyle.
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