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David Redmore


David Redmore was born and educated in England, has a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and psychology. He has over 20 years of intensive training and practices in hypnotic art and over 20 years of experience in the technique of meditation and mindfulness.
During this time, he worked around the world and had the opportunity to help alleviate the suffering of a wide variety of people from different cultures physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Over the years of close cooperation with patients in emotional and physical stress, he realized how much the patient’s thinking affects his health and well-being.
He realized how powerful a tool was to help people change their thinking and improve their health.
He is currently combining hypnotherapy, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to enable people to align their minds with their bodies to improve their health and well-being.
Along with studying all aspects of hypnotherapy, he went through the procedure of clearing his personal baggage, firstly it was his long-term personal experience in dealing with anxiety and depression. This whole path has brought him great benefit, and he would be happy to share with you what he learned, to benefit you.

Books by David Redmore

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Are You Feeling More Anxious Than You’d Like To? Try These Expert-Approved Tips For Managing Anxiety And Preventing Panic Attacks! Do you feel that you’re constantly worrying about events or activities? Are you starting to avoid certain situations up to a point where it interferes with your daily life? Do you feel restless, irritable and tired, yet unable to sleep?
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