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Elena Troyanskaya


My name is Elena Troyanskaya, and I am from Russia.

I work in the field of online trading, helping people to ensure not only financial results, but also make progress in terms of improving their own discipline and gaining internal freedom.

In my free time I study and accumulate solutions to many problems that ordinary people face in their life: illnesses, stresses, psychological conditions, relationships in the family, relationships between fathers and children, problems of adaptation in the team and in society as a whole, identifying oneself as part community, defining your role, functions and goals, setting goals, etc.

I hope my research will be close and clear to you. My goal is not to directly help people, because I am not an expert in the above areas. My goal is to develop theses and rules based on my theoretical knowledge of behavior and reactions, thanks to which it will be easier for people with certain problems to adapt to difficult conditions and improve, despite their physical disabilities and psychological uncertainty.

Books by Elena Troyanskaya

Diabetic Dessert Cookbook - Book cover

A diabetes diagnoses usually means that you can no longer eat sweets or other sugary desserts ever again. This book filled with all sorts of cakes, brownies and other delicious deserts will have you looking forward to staying on your diabetic diet. This book contains everything, that you have a missed eating, now back with diabetic safe recipes, so you can enjoy them just like you used too.

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