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Diabetic Dessert Cookbook

Most Healthy, Safe and Delicious Recipes for Every Day

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June 16, 2020  |  1,252 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Diabetic Dessert Cookbook by Elena Troyanskaya. Book cover

Being diagnosed with diabetes usually means that you can no longer eat sweets or other sugary desserts ever again. This book is filled with all sorts of cakes, brownies, and other delicious desserts which will have you looking forward to staying on your diabetic diet.

This book contains everything that you miss eating, but now they are diabetic safe recipes, so you can enjoy them just like you used too. Best of all, your family will enjoy them too. These sweet and savory desserts are so decadent, that most people can’t tell the difference. No matter the celebration, holiday or family event, you will be able to bring a delicious, diabetic safe dessert.

If you are tired of eating the same old diabetic safe meals, then you need this book. Filled with tons of family favorite recipes, which have been reworked to taste great and be diabetic safe. Unlike other books, these recipes are all about taste. If it does not taste great then it is not in the book. The reason for this is that great recipes are meant to be shared with those closest to you, whether they are diabetic or not. That way, you and your family can eat cake and share cookies, just like you used too.

What’s in this book?
Diabetic Safe Pies:
Everything from Apple Pie to Lemon Cream Pie; all made so you can eat it without worries.

Diabetic Safe Cakes and Brownies:
From Carrot Cakes to Chocolate Brownies; these recipes are so good, that both diabetics and non-diabetics will enjoy them.

Diabetic Safe Cookies:
From Banana Cookies to Gingersnap’s; this book has enough cookie recipes to keep you and your family happy for years.

It's about time that you take a leap towards a healthy future, try all the delicious and safe diabetic dessert recipes from this cookbook and experience a whole new realm of flavors.

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