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George E. Kellogg


I was born in Ohio and have lived all over the Western United States in Arizona, Washington, Colorado and Utah. I have only recently begun to write books and being born in 1967, and raised by Vietnam era Green Beret, I have a vast amount of experience to draw from.

I have thus far written four books and I have published two. The first was an autobiographical account of my experiences in the field of private security. The second is a fictional story, a paranormal fantasy of sorts involving murder, intrigue, black magic, and a rollicking assortment of outrageous characters all set against a backdrop in the 1920's. This book, and possibly the first, will be made into an audiobook.

Books by George E. Kellogg

Emily and the Ghost of Mr. Mentor by George E. Kellogg. Book cover
This book is a delightful romp through the roaring 20's, but it takes place inside of a vocational school that has been converted from an institution of learning into a dictatorship. The students cannot call out, the mail is controlled, and the authorities are held in stasis by a corrupt judicial bureaucracy. This allows the new principal, who was named by a dying Mr. Mentor, as the owner and headmistress of the institution of learning to do whatever evil she pleases.
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