Emily and the Ghost of Mr. Mentor

Emily and the Ghost of Mr. Mentor by George E. Kellogg - Book cover.

15 February, 2022

This book is a delightful romp through the roaring 20's, but it takes place inside of a vocational school that has been converted from an institution of learning into a dictatorship. The students cannot call out, the mail is controlled, and the authorities are held in stasis by a corrupt judicial bureaucracy. This allows the new principal, who was named by a dying Mr. Mentor, as the owner and headmistress of the institution of learning to do whatever evil she pleases.

Then, with calm and yet fierce vengeance, Mr. Mentor’s ghost returns to the school and recruits student Emily Keller as his leader while he gathers a platoon of misfits and outrageous characters.  They are turned in loose in a rebellion the like of which has been never seen, in an attempt to turn the despot’s world upside down!

Serious and tragic, delightful and humorous, sentimental and poignant, Emily and the Ghost of Mr. Mentor is a story that you do not want to miss.

Author's Notes

When I wrote this book, I did so with a desire to teach the reader about the fruits of narcissism and selflessness coming together into a final clash.  I attempted to teach how despotism is always doomed to fail when people of courage and character stand up to a wicked dictator.  I wanted to do so with a humorous style and dramatic flair. This is a story about how victory can indeed arise from the ashes of ultimate defeat, but with the dire warning that even though a battle may be won, the war will never be over...Because evil in this life is never truly and completely defeated as it always thrives underground, out of sight, but with its effects continually felt by the whole world. 

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Genre: Fiction > Horror & Paranormal

ISBN: 9781638145042


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