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H Mystery


This is H Mystery. Yes I am using a pen name as of now. I am a graphic designer by day time profession and writer by night. Passion as a graphic designer helps me think creatively and it also got the first book out of me. My professors in college when I was taking writing classes did suggest I should write a book seeing me able to capture the audience in group discussions. It’s been 5 years since I graduated with Bachelors in graphic design and this idea of book was in back of my mind since then. The job struggle went on for 3 years and finally I decided to start writing my book in may 2019 on weekends. There will be many more in the future hopefully.

Books by H Mystery

Journey Of A Masked Couple - Book cover
A cold murder of Arya and Annika characters parents in the heat of the night by a mob of demons. A fantasy story revolving around teen young adult characters Arya and Annika. Fate brings them together at a very young age and starts an action adventure of a lifetime for the characters. A Journey they can’t refuse. The trials start from a young tender age of four as they witness their parents getting slaughtered brutally by demons.
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