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Journey Of A Masked Couple

The Adventure Begins
Book by H Mystery

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May 15, 2020  |  915 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Journey Of A Masked Couple - Book coverA cold murder of Arya and Annika characters parents in the heat of the night by a mob of demons.

A fantasy story revolving around teen young adult characters Arya and Annika. Fate brings them together at a very young age and starts an action adventure of a lifetime for the characters. A Journey they can’t refuse.

The trials start from a young tender age of four as they witness their parents getting slaughtered brutally by demons. From that moment, they begin a journey of survival and revenge. As they enter teens, a parallel universe opens up, which gives them access to a world in the parallel universe. Here they meet a couple Martanda and Mhalsa, who becomes their guardian teachers. Arya and Annika have to train, learn survival skills, and also last but not least, learn how to handle celestial weapons. On their journey, they also find a bunch of loyal friends who help them in the fight against evil powers. They have an army of demons attacking them, and in this process, they fall upon more clues on who probably killed their parents.

The demons raise the stakes by endangering civilians to capture the lead characters not knowing their identities. It has to be seen if Arya and Annika can save the civilians as well as protect their secret masked identities.

About H Mystery

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This is H Mystery. Yes I am using a pen name as of now. I am a graphic designer by day time profession and writer by night. Passion as a graphic designer helps me think creatively and it also got the first book out of me. My professors in college when I was taking writing classes did suggest I should write a book seeing me able to capture the audience in group discussions. It’s been 5 years...

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