J.A. Kalis

J.A. Kalis
Author, Novelist, Traveler


J.A. Kalis is an emerging writer, author of four novels including the suspenseful adventure thriller series 'The Curse Of Inca Gold' consisting of her début novel 'When The Jaguar Sleeps' and its sequel 'Wrath Of The Jaguar Man'. She speaks multiple languages and has lived in several different countries. Her writing is action-packed and fuelled by her passion for travelling and exploring other cultures and customs. In her novels, she transports the readers to unique, often exotic locations, pulling them into the story, right into where all the action takes place. Vivid descriptions of the setting, believable characters, tightly knit plot, relentless pace, continuous, spine-tingling suspense and mystery characterize her books.

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Wrath Of The Jaguar Man by J.A. Kalis - Book cover.
When The Jaguar Sleeps by J.A. Kalis - Book cover.
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