James Easton


James Easton writes fast paced thrillers of action and suspense that people are calling brilliant. He has written for twenty years, much of it in his head as he spent his days in the financial industry, and on paper for the last four. He is full of story and when not writing reads and cooks.

Snow Rush is his first novel, introducing a classic hero in the shape of Carolina Carrasco. During his research into the world of special forces soldiers, armed police and global power politics, James noticed the need for a young, female action hero making her way in the mean streets of the post-cold war world. Carolina was the result. His second story featuring Carolina will be published soon.

Books by James Easton

Snow Rush - Book cover
When a gang of criminals led by ruthless killer Jean Haim go to the quiet Alpine town of Morzine to tie up a deal, they don't expect any trouble. And the wealthy teenager they see learning to Snowboard seems like a soft target, just the a young female chaperone, both of them staying in an isolated house. But the chaperone is Carolina Carassco, until recently a member of an elite firearms unit in the Spanish National Police.
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