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Snow Rush

by James Easton  GB United Kingdom

November 20, 2020   |    429 reads    |   0 comments

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Snow Rush - Book coverWhen a gang of criminals led by ruthless killer Jean Haim go to the quiet Alpine town of Morzine to tie up a deal, they don't expect any trouble. And the wealthy teenager they see learning to Snowboard seems like a soft target, just the a young female chaperone, both of them staying in an isolated house.

But the chaperone is Carolina Carassco, until recently a member of an elite firearms unit in the Spanish National Police. And unknown to Haim's crew, she has noticed them.  A hair-raising game of chase commences, played out in the stunning, deadly landscape around them.  When the bad guys target the boy Carolina is charged to protect, that game turns into a war.

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