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James Green


James Green had suffered from obesity for a long time. He began to gain weight around the age of twenty, but for a long time, he didn’t really pay attention. However, at the age of twenty-seven, he began to have both health problems and self-esteem issues. Since that moment, James tried dozens of different diets coaching systems for weight loss. But over a four-year period, he received no results to speak of. While studying the problem, James succeeded in discovering an effective diet in the process of learning about proper nutrition and the way energy works in the body. Within two years, he achieved his desired results.

For several years now, James has been helping and working with professional college athletes who want to achieve superior results, with the post-traumatic recovery period, with amateur athletes engaged in sports or fitness to maintain good physical fitness, and with people who are physically disabled due to serious injuries or chronic disease.

Books by James Green

Healthy Weight Loss Plan by James Green. Complete Guide on Effective Diet, Healthy Meals, and Weight Loss Lifestyle. Book cover
Stop chasing crash diets! After all, quick results are less meaningful than long-term results! Having been fat and sedentary for a long time, I know the feelings of disgust—the sadness in your eyes when you look at your problem areas in the mirror, the scornful looks behind your back, the lack of attention from the opposite sex, the low self-esteem, the constant stress, and the remorse.
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