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James L. Rickard


Distantly related to both Wyatt Earp and Butch Cassidy, James L. Rickard lives in the mountains of West Virginia. After studying Journalism and Photography, he worked in customer service while continuing to dabble in both fiction and non-fiction in an effort to find the best fit. After several years of dabbling with paid blogging, ghostwriting, short stories, and novels, he continues to dabble.

Books by James L. Rickard

Grandpa Wore a Six-Gun - Book cover
This book is the beginning of the Charlie Hobbs story. Venture into the Old West as seen by Charlie in this coming of age Western and experience bordello life, train robberies, and living on the lam. Meet Ma and Pa, good guys, bad guys, fallen doves, and other characters of the Wild West during the life and times of Charlie Hobbs. I thought it is pretty evident this is a work of fiction, but people keep asking me about it.
Fiction > Westerns
Once Upon a Time With Grandpa - Book cover
Can John Wayne, Wyatt Earp, and Butch Cassidy be in the same story? It can happen in the "sort of western" Once Upon a Time With Grandpa. Working as a journalist, Charlie Hobbs meets Butch and falls back into a life of crime while wrestling with feelings of the heart.
Fiction > Westerns