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Once Upon a Time With Grandpa

by James L. Rickard  US United States

March 14, 2020   |    555 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Once Upon a Time With Grandpa - Book coverIn another semi-true adventure, Charlie Hobbs, the protagonist of Grandpa Wore a Six-Gun leaps off the page in Once Upon a Time With Grandpa!  Working as a journalist with his pal Jobie, Charlie travels west to investigate the legend of Butch Cassidy and to determine, once and for all, what really happened in South America.  In this cross-country tale,  the pair mingle with the Hollywood elite and even meet relatives of Butch until they part as Charlie is sucked back into a life of crime.  After attempting a robbery, Charlie is then forced to make his way back across  1927 America.

Author's Note: 

Can John Wayne, Wyatt Earp, and Butch Cassidy be in the same story? It can happen in Once Upon a Time With Grandpa. Working as a journalist, Charlie Hobbs falls back into a life of crime while wrestling with feelings of the heart.

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