Grandpa Wore a Six-Gun

Grandpa Wore a Six-Gun by James L. Rickard, book cover.

5 February, 2020

This book is the beginning of the Charlie Hobbs story.  Venture into the Old West as seen by Charlie in this coming of age Western and experience bordello life, train robberies, and living on the lam. Meet Ma and Pa, good guys, bad guys, fallen doves, and other characters of the Wild West during the life and times of Charlie Hobbs.  I thought it is pretty evident this is a work of fiction, but people keep asking me about it.   On the other hand, my grandfather WAS born in 1870.

Author's Notes

This was my first book but, it keeps selling more than anything I've written.  I hope people want to know how the story begins.

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Genre: Fiction > Westerns


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