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Janit Gambhir


Janit Gambhir is an author filmmaker based out of India. Most of his life has been spent in some pursuit of consciousness or the other, also being a Reiki Master, and teacher of various divination forms. Fire-dancing, tarot, healing and consciousness centering to name just a few.

Creatively, Janit started working in film and television in the year 2000. 22 years later, the hermit takes to creator-performer wares again, his words as eccentric as his approach.

He has completed 3 books this year.

You can hear him talk about ancient stars on a podcast titled 'Star Soot' on his website.

Books by Janit Gambhir

Full Circle Squared: Archetype of the Stars by Janit Gambhir. Book cover
A story about ancient stars from the Indian pantheons shared with mythology. The beginning of creation is at hand, the Earth is readied for life, but the kingly stars and gods are yet at battle-stations for another war with giants. This time for the champion god of the Earth, and to this task Agni, the god of fire is summoned at helm. Agni, originally the star Beta Taurus, is the youngest god on Earth of the old era.
Fiction > Fantasy
Arthat - Mystic Poetry by Janit Gambhir. Book cover
Arthat – Mystic Poetry is a thought catalog of several poetic renditions of insight. With an eye inherently devoted to the inward of consciousness and the soul in the heartfelt, ‘Arthāt’ in Sankrit is the word associated with meaning. Existence seen with that penchant, is mystic poetry. With a style naturally attributed in word-play and forever seeking at evoking envisioned imageries with art-induced symmetry.
Fiction > Poetry