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Janit Gambhir


Janit Gambhir is an author and film maker from India. His past libations of creativity include being a Reiki Master, and a master-trainer for Fire-dancing, Tarot and healing.

In his spare time, you’d probably find him cooking, meditating or doing apothecary things.

Books by Janit Gambhir

Arthat - Mystic Poetry by Janit Gambhir. Book cover
Arthat – Mystic Poetry is a thought catalog of several poetic renditions of insight. With an eye inherently devoted to the inward of consciousness and the soul in the heartfelt, ‘Arthāt’ in Sankrit is the word associated with meaning. Existence seen with that penchant, is mystic poetry. With a style naturally attributed in word-play and forever seeking at evoking envisioned imageries with art-induced symmetry.
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