Joseph Mayberry


Joe Mayberry is a Systema Instructor certified by Vladimir Vasiliev, police detective, former United States Marine, bouncer, bodyguard, and a highly sought after self defense speaker and instructor. Trained in Martial arts since 1974, Joe brings a no-nonsense approach to his teaching and a street smart attitude to his approach to the martial arts. In 2010, Joe opened Systema St. Louis, the only school of Russian Martial Art in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Joe and the school have been featured on every major news outlet in St. Louis.

In 2014, the school was featured on The Oprah Network. In 2012, Joe founded the Systema Warrior Foundation for the teaching of Systema to disabled children. Joe has traveled all across North America bringing Systema to children with disabilities free of charge. Joe and his family happily reside is St. Louis, MO.

Books by Joseph Mayberry

The Systema Warrior Guidebook (book) by Joseph Mayberry
One of the most complex yet simple, challenging and rewarding paths in the vast universe of martial arts is Systema, the Russian Martial Art. Systema is more than just a martial art. It is a complete and ever evolving process of mental preparation, martial training and health and longevity maintenance. Systema conforms to the individual, rather than asking the individual to conform to it. This allows people with differing abilities, and what some would call disabilities, to excel.
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