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The Systema Warrior Guidebook

by Joseph Mayberry  US United States

November 10, 2016   |    1,681 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Systema Warrior Guidebook (book) by Joseph MayberryOne of the most complex yet simple, challenging and rewarding paths in the vast universe of martial arts is Systema, the Russian Martial Art. Systema is more than just a martial art. It is a complete and ever evolving process of mental preparation, martial training and health and longevity maintenance. Systema conforms to the individual, rather than asking the individual to conform to it. This allows people with differing abilities, and what some would call disabilities, to excel. The individual develops movement and applications of its principles which are not only suited to their apparent deficiencies, but are simultaneously more efficient, applicable, and effective for that individual.

It is a way. It is a path. A path that potentially can change not only the way one fights, trains, walks, and breathes, but can also change how one conducts himself in all aspects of his life. This is your guide.

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