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by Dave Tomlinson / AU Australia

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said: “The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back.” Many sporting careers have been ended prematurely but his words embody the essence of sport itself. They capture the gritty determination required to make a career comeback and the triumph sportspeople experience when they've done it successfully.


The Real Glory - Book cover
by Dave Tomlinson / AU Australia

In a sporting contest, the desperation to win can often prevail over the core values of respect, civility and fair play. It’s for this reason, genuine gestures of sportsmanship are so greatly acclaimed and deeply admired. When an athlete is willing to forgo what they’ve been striving for and act with genuine magnanimity, it creates a truly heart-warming and memorable moment. It truly is excellence in motion.


Excellence in Motion - Book cover
by Dave Tomlinson / AU Australia

From as long as sport has been played, it has always evoked great passion and emotion. Human error will always be a factor but nothing infuriates fans like officiating blunders and blatant cheating. And nothing arouses curiosity and unabated feeling more than circumstances so unusual that nobody is quite sure how the moment will be resolved. Welcome to a captivating journey through some of the greatest sporting controversies in history.


Unlevel Playing Fields - Book cover
by Dave Tomlinson / AU Australia

The thrill of victory, agony of defeat and human drama of competition are the fundamental allure of sport. Its glorious unpredictability is truly captivating and nothing captures our imagination more than a contest which suddenly comes alive after the result appeared to be a foregone conclusion. Whether it's the anguish of a choke or the brilliance of a comeback, Days of Miracle and Wonder captures these moments and tells the unique stories behind 25 of the most incredible sporting victories.


Days of Miracle and Wonder - Book cover
by Timothy Morrison / US United States

Yoga exercise is a step-by-step activity revitalizing the motion of the system to the order of a greater level. At the particular phase of this scheme, the relationship between the individual and his systemic mind happens to be optimized. Yoga is similar to the healthy nutrition. If you use it correctly in the optimal quantity, it will lead to unmatched physiological as well as psychological health.


Yoga Poses - Book cover
by Joseph Mayberry / US United States

One of the most complex yet simple, challenging and rewarding paths in the vast universe of martial arts is Systema, the Russian Martial Art. Systema is more than just a martial art. It is a complete and ever evolving process of mental preparation, martial training and health and longevity maintenance. Systema conforms to the individual, rather than asking the individual to conform to it. This allows people with differing abilities, and what some would call disabilities, to excel.


The Systema Warrior Guidebook (book) by Joseph Mayberry
by Alexander Plewis / US United States

Quick and Easy Strategies and Tactics to Beat Your Friends (chess, chess tactics, chess openings, chess strategy, winning chess strategies, board games, games) You are losing, losing and losing in the game. You are beaten again and again by your friend. Now you want to win the game. What’s the name of the game? The answer is Chess.


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by Ron Celano / US United States

Learn the "The Principles of Triangulation" and how they apply to all aspects of your golf swing. Inside your will find a thorough explanation of these principles along with illustrations and drills to help you apply them. Additional subjects include how to reduce tension, creating lag and how to start the downswing ...


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by David Nemeroff / US United States

'Enter Into Aikido' is a great resource for potential students and beginners who want to learn more about the art of Aikido. David Nemeroff covers a wide variety of topics, including what to look for in a school, lineage and legitimacy in the martial arts, dojo etiquette, and what to expect from Aikido training ...


Enter into Aikido
by Scott Madore / CA Canada

The only hockey trivia book of its kind, Timeless Trivia contains questions that will never become outdated this year, next year, or anytime in the future.


Timeless Trivia - Hockey Facts That Will Never Be Obsolete

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Ever the Wayward Sky
Ever the Wayward Sky - Book cover
by Oliver Phipps