Josie Smythe-Rivers


Josie Smythe-Rivers is an historian of science whose areas of interest include the early history of chemistry, the sociology of scientific knowledge since the mid-twentieth century, and the intersections between evolution and medicine. Her work in nutrition spans the early modern to contemporary periods, with particular focus in the latter period on insulin, diabetes, diet, and metabolic syndrome.

Books by Josie Smythe-Rivers

Metabolic Health by Josie Smythe-Rivers. Prediabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss. Book cover
This introductory guide to the Metabolic Health Publication series outlines how this group of inexpensive books provides you with pragmatic solutions to metabolic health problems rooted in high blood sugar and insulin resistance, including weight problems. Written by an historian of science, the Metabolic Health Publications series addresses: Metabolic syndrome, Reversing prediabetes and diabetes, Reversing high blood pressure, Microbiome health and more.
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