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Metabolic Health

Prediabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss
by Josie Smythe-Rivers  US United States

September 26, 2019   |    883 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Metabolic Health by Josie Smythe-Rivers. Prediabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss. Book coverThis introductory guide to the Metabolic Health Publication series outlines how this group of inexpensive books provides you with pragmatic solutions to metabolic health problems rooted in high blood sugar and insulin resistance, including weight problems.

Written by an historian of science, the Metabolic Health Publications series addresses:

*Metabolic syndrome
*Reversing prediabetes and diabetes
*Reversing high blood pressure, high "bad" cholesterol, and high triglycerides
*Reversing insulin resistance
*Achieving permanent weight loss through improved metabolic health, not fad diets or supplements
*Accessible ways to engage in functional exercise, resistance training, and HIIT
* How stress and sleep deprivation affect blood sugar and weight
* The HbA1C test
*Importance of fiber and fat in the diet
*Microbiome health
* Why healthy fats improve metabolic health

This guide includes a description of each book in the Metabolic Health Publication series.

Author's Note: 

My short books in the Metabolic Health Publications series are designed to provide the general reader with straightforward, accessible, and current information regarding insulin resistance, diet, exercise, prediabetes, diabetes, weight loss, and metabolic syndrome. In order to help readers better understand the conflicting science on these issues, I address key issues in the history of nutritional science that have resulted in poor nutritional advise and faulty dietary guidelines that have played key roles in worsening the global epidemics of obesity and diabet


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