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K. R. Hagan


I am a queer poet with a mental illness and my poetry has been largely reconciling my life and my feelings. It is an exploration of the brightest dreams and darkest nightmares madness can cause both in real-life history and present tense delusion.

I began my University studies at Western Oregon University and transferred on an honors scholarship to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I earned my BA in Political Science.

I am a poet from Oregon who has lived here my entire life except for 3 years in the 00s when I lived in Metro Atlanta.

Books by K. R. Hagan

Hatter and Lilith by K. R. Hagan. Tales from the Queer Asylum. Book cover
This book is a collection of poetry that explores both the history of oppression of mentally ill people especially LGBTQ people who have mental illness in the United States as well as western Europe. The book is also a personal journey for me with regards to my battle to be a gay man out of the closet even though my mood disorder made me have unwarranted paranoia against my family and how they would react to my coming out.
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