Hatter and Lilith

Tales from the Queer Asylum

This book is a collection of poetry that explores both the history of oppression of mentally ill people especially LGBTQ people who have mental illness in the United States as well as western Europe. The book is also a personal journey for me with regards to my battle to be a gay man out of the closet even though my mood disorder made me have unwarranted paranoia against my family and how they would react to my coming out. These poems were written over the course of five years.

I have a second book forthcoming based on newer poems as well that will be a sequel of sorts to this tome and explore with even greater rawness the themes I begin to explore here. 

Author's Notes

Here is a sample poem from my book.

It Runs Deep They Say...
By: K.R. Hagan

It runs deep they say, the madness within,
The voices that call from and abyss as untamable
as wormwood growing in Gods green garden
As unimaginable to the uninitiated as a blackhole 
would be to a Mayan Astronomer
Or as cold as liquid hydrogen
cooled superconductors 
In an ultra-high field MRI exploring the depths 
of a mind as corrupted as mine.
It runs deep they say, like a case of viral meningitis,
Like an attack submarine following part two of the nuclear
triad deep into the enigmatic frozen depths.
Or like a vision of a purple dragon God who
is just my type but no less fair
Than Princess Zelda in the breath of the wild calling out to her Link.

I wrote this book initially as therapy for myself but now I believe it could be helpful and stands on its own as a work of art.  I will let you all be the judge of that. My book is available on amazon as both paperback and a kindle version as well.  

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