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Karen E Stokes


I began my literary journey in 2010, writing purely to see where it would lead, hence my first novel ‘An Ordinary Life’ was finally published in 2014, under a different name. The work was biographical, written in the third person using a fictional character, which I found incredibly grounding and therapeutic, fueling my desire to continue.

Born and bred in Sheffield, I am a ‘true Yorkshire lass’, as they say, raised amid shop-keeping and a tight-knit community by parents who were both articulate and creative, and as such, inherited many skills with which to occupy my time.

All told, I love writing, hence, my second novel 'The Healing' which is due for general release on the 25th July 2020.

Books by Karen E Stokes

The Healing - Book cover
Jess is a single parent and resides with her seven year old son, Jonas, in Friar's Ridge, Somerset. Following the discovery of a photograph found within the pages of a book purchased at the local market, a young boy enters their lives, forming a seemingly innocent friendship with Jonas. On the surface, Sam appears ordinary, almost angelic, until his presence reveals something much more sinister.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal