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The Healing

A rebellious, but heartwarming ghost story that will stir your soul

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November 23, 2022  |  4,081 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Healing. Book by Karen E Stokes. Book coverThe journey begins when a spirit boy enters the lives of a mother and her young son following the discovery of a photograph within the pages of a secondhand book bought from a local market stall.  The indomitable entity forms a seemingly innocent friendship with the boy before wreaking havoc within the family home.

With the help of psychic intervention, the quest began to uncover the reason behind the ghostly interception, unearthing further conflict and uncertainty.  

The boy's history was mysterious, but further investigation unraveled a troubled childhood history and finally led to the perpetrator of an abhorrent crime that was mistakenly seen as an accidental drowning. 


Author's Notes

With an interest in the paranormal, my ambition was to write a modern ghost story in a suburban setting, that wasn't necessarily about scaring the reader, but that carried them through mystery and intrigue, without the usual blood and guts drama ' exorcism' finale.

About Karen E Stokes

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I was born and bred in Sheffield 'a true Yorkshire lass' as they say, from a local community and raised by creative parents, hence my desire to pen poetry and limericks from an early age. I began my literary journey in 2010 when I began writing just to see where it would lead, self-publishing 'An Ordinary Life' by Karen Smith. Since then, I haven't looked back and fulfilled my ambition...

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