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Kari Lynn M.


Hey there!
My name is Kari and I'm a writer (big surprise, right?). I've got not one, not two, but three(!) published ebooks under my belt right now... but that's all a long story (haha).
I got my start on Wattpad a very long time ago, and my writing heart will forever belong there... My hands still type to there, though, too! You can check out my profile and other work at .
I also have a blog and website at . I know, I'm just caking on the self promotion... but seriously, if you really want to know more about me, then THAT'S the place to go!
Hmm... what else should I share about myself with the reading world...
I'm just a girl with a dream and a laptop when it comes down to it. I want to have an awesome writing career, and I guess this is where I start. I hope you check out my work and give my free and cheap ebooks, Cartoon, What Now, Emma Lenford?, and In Between a download or two.
And... I guess that's it!
For now.
Happy reading!

Books by Kari Lynn M.

In Between - Book cover
Mandi cannot leave. She has 67 days. Only 67. No one can see her, and no one can hear her. She's stuck in her hospital room with no one else. No one but the girl in her bed- the girl she once was. Her father can't cry. Her mother can't breathe. Her best friends can't speak. She has to find a way out before the clock locks her in. Before time is up. If she doesn't, she'll never get out. She'll be left all alone.
Fiction > Fantasy
What Now, Emma Lenford? - Book cover
How should I say this... well, my name is Emma Lenford, and my life is actually a sit-com. I've seen the dark side of the cold Wisconsin moon, and I've also seen Jon Bon Jovi's tour bus at the nearby Seven Eleven. I could also mention that I've been kidnapped on multiple occasions, and I've somehow been tormented (mentally) by 'female body massagers' before, as well as tortured (a bit physically) by a few too many deranged local individuals, but it's all been done in good, I mean, humorous taste.
Fiction > Humor
Cartoon - Book cover

I was once a normal girl who went to a normal school and had a normal family... well, I think so, at least... I kind of can't remember. Now, I'm sort of a... a secret agent trying to save the world, or something like that, with another secret agent who's actually saving a lot more than I ever will. Or... maybe he is... You'll have to read on for the rest, though, because... I've already forgotten what happens next.

Fiction > Humor