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What Now, Emma Lenford?

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by Kari Lynn M.  US United States

May 13, 2018   |    821 reads    |   0 comments

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What Now, Emma Lenford? - Book cover

How should I say this... well, my name is Emma Lenford, and my life is actually a sit-com.

I've seen the dark side of the cold Wisconsin moon, and I've also seen Jon Bon Jovi's tour bus at the nearby 7-Eleven. I could also mention that I've been kidnapped on multiple occasions, and I've somehow been tormented (mentally) by 'female body massagers' before, as well as tortured (a bit physically) by a few too many deranged local individuals, but it's all been done in good, I mean, humorous taste.

Sometimes you just have to laugh like there is a tomorrow.

Author's Note: 

Oh, God, Emma Lenford.
I watch way too many sit-coms, and maybe that's how I naturally came to write my own, because I feel like What Now, Emma Lenford? is like the first season of a wonderfully tragic series to come. Each chapter I write is like a stand-alone episode, but they all tie together like a real comedy on the screen.
I love my Emma. I love the terribly unfortunate situations she always somehow gets herself into. And I love her attitude; such a funny little trooper.
Writing this book was a surprisingly fast process for me. Usually, you see, it can take... well, years, even, to get a whole book done for me. However, every night for months I would sit and just write and write and write this thing, because I loved it that much; I looked forward to doing it every day. It put me in such a great mood, really, and it made me discover what I could really do within that whole entire world of comedy.
And there's so much more I could say... but if I kept on going, I would give a lot away (rhyme, dog!). So, I'll stop there and just let y'all check it out for yourselves!
Enjoy reading!

About The Author

Hey there!
My name is Kari and I'm a writer (big surprise, right?). I've got not one, not two, but three(!) published ebooks under my belt right now... but that's all a long story (haha).
I got my start on Wattpad a very long time ago, and my writing heart will forever belong there... My hands still type to there, though, too! You can check out my profile and other work at .
I also have a blog and website at https... more

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