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In Between

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by Kari Lynn M.  US United States

September 22, 2018   |    954 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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In Between - Book coverMandi cannot leave. She has 67 days. Only 67. No one can see her, and no one can hear her. She's stuck in her hospital room with no one else. No one but the girl in her bed- the girl she once was. Her father can't cry. Her mother can't breathe. Her best friends can't speak.
She has to find a way out before the clock locks her in. Before time is up.

If she doesn't, she'll never get out. She'll be left all alone. She'll be left in her room. She'll be left silent. She'll be left in between.

Author's Note: 

In between is a very dramatic tale, written for anyone and everyone who enjoys the young adult genre. I think it's a little dark in mood, but the main character, Mandi, definitely makes up for it. I'd say you really need to stock up on tissues before you get too far into it, too, though- I mean, cryers beware.

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