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Bernice and I are average native Chinese Singaporeans. She currently works as a PA while I had just resigned beginning this year from my company of 25 years as an electronics engineer, and am now devoting full-time to writing books.We married in our forties and had been blogging since we met to share our lives and encounters. After seven years of marriage, and now that I'm free to write, we decided to put our stories into a book to share with a wider audience.

Books by Keng Tiong

PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques - Book cover
Printed circuit board (PCB) reverse engineering (RE) is an art in its own right, despite the apparent simplicity of determining electrical connectivity between related components on a circuit board. The author had written a book The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering to address the challenges of doing PCB-RE using the manual approach, targeting mainly hobbyists and repair personnel who do not have the luxury of expensive equipment ...
Non Fiction > Technology
The Marriage Puzzle - Book cover

This book is about marriage from a Christian perspective. It is written in a succinct style with eight pages allotted to each chapter, listed as follows: 1. Happiness or Holiness? 2. The Marriage Partnership 3. The Sanctity of Sex 4. The Family Altar 5. The Language of Love 6. Marriage @ Work 7. The Mystery of Marriage 8. Putting the Pieces Together 9. Salt and Pepper

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Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering
PCB reverse-engineering is a skill that requires more than just an acquaintance with electronics. We're not talking about recreating the PCB artwork here, but the schematic diagram itself. To the uninitiated, it is a difficult if not impossible undertaking reserved only for the determined and qualified.
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Non Fiction > Technology
Love's Chronicle by Keng Tiong and Bernice. Book cover
This book is a memoir, a collection of short accounts of happenings in our lives from the day we met and into the early years of our marriage. In between accounts, we share candid takes of what we thought or learnt through a particular happening or event.
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Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies