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Love's Chronicle - The Early Years

Authored by Keng Tiong (KT) and Bernice
Book by Keng Tiong

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April 15, 2016  |  6,851 views  |  4 reviews / comments

Love's Chronicle by Keng Tiong and Bernice. Book coverThis book is a memoir, a collection of short accounts of happenings in our lives from the day we met and into the early years of our marriage. In between accounts, we share candid takes of what we thought or learnt through a particular happening or event.

These collections are grouped into seven chapters spanning 150 pages. Content: 1. A Little Background; 2. First Encounters; 3. Friendship; 4. Courtship; 5. The Proposal; 6. Wedding Bells; and 7. Life Together.

Below is the theme of our book:

To love is to embark on a journey of discovery, in which two distinct persons enter into each other's lives, finding vast new worlds of thoughts and emotions to be explored and experienced. It's a journey that lasts a lifetime, as two hearts grow into one, despite possible failures and setbacks, personal weaknesses and shortcomings; for in the midst of such imperfections, love will find a way to overcome all odds and emerge as the crowning virtue which God has meant it to be in the first place.


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Bernice and I are average native Chinese Singaporeans. She currently works as a PA while I had just resigned beginning this year from my company of 25 years as an electronics engineer, and am now devoting full-time to writing books.We married in our forties and had been blogging since we met to share our lives and encounters. After seven years of marriage, and now that I'm free to write, we...

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Hi Mandila Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. Our English edition of the book is sold and distributed locally in Singapore. Recently our Simplified Chinese edition was bulk delivered to Shanghai China for the young professionals there. We hope that the online sales through Amazon and CreateSpace will pick up soon... Much appreciated.

Thanks intended for delivering these types of amazing write-up.

As an added notice, the content now includes an Explore & Apply section at the end of each chapter, comprising the following sub-headings: 1. Straight talks 2. Self-assessments 3. Practical Suggestions We hope to increase the usefulness of the book through engaging readers with insights, exercises and practical tips. As a result, the book has a 20% increase in content to 182 pages, while the price remains the same!

We are giving away the first three chapters away for free. Please find the link below to download for reading: We hope you'll find it an enjoyable read. Do leave us a comment or feedback at our blog. We appreciate that, really!

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