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The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering

Book by Keng Tiong

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April 30, 2016  |  3,847 views  |  1 review / comment

The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering (book) by Keng TiongPCB reverse-engineering is a skill that requires more than just an acquaintance with electronics. We're not talking about recreating the PCB artwork here, but the schematic diagram itself. To the uninitiated, it is a difficult if not impossible undertaking reserved only for the determined and qualified. The author, however, believes that having a right mindset and being equipped with the right knowledge will enable even an average electronics engineer to do it. This book will not teach you to use electronic automation design (EDA) tools to produce or reproduce PCBs nor give you a formal study on PCB structural design and fabrication. It does, however, impart knowledge on PCBs that relate to reverse-engineering and teaches you how to create PCB layouts and schematic diagrams using Microsoft Visio in a technical capacity. This full-colored illustration-rich book covers things which you'll need to take note before you begin, the necessary basic preparation work to perform, creating layout shapes prior to drafting the PCB artwork, knowing what is a good schematic diagram and the right strategies to use for the type of PCBs (analog, digital, mixed-signals). You will also learn advanced topics such as layering, shape data and shapesheet, generating reports for bill of materials, and even deciphering programmable logic devices!

About the Author Keng Tiong Ng

Formerly worked as a  Principal Engineer at Singapore Technologies (ST) Electronics Limited, a subsidiary of ST Engineering. Upon graduation from the Singapore Polytechnics, he signed up with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) as an aircraft technician and worked in the E-2C Hawkeye repair bay, servicing the aircraft's avionics using automated test systems (CAT-IIID and RADCOM) and other in-house test equipment. Upon invitation, he left the RSAF after his first contract and joined ST Electronics, doing test program development and PCB diagnostics using Schlumberger S700 series testers. Since then, he has worked on other test platforms such as the Teradyne Spectrum™ 8800 series, the Westest-DATS/2000 test station, and some special-to-type-equipment (STTE) of similar nature. He also has experience in logic simulation using HHB Systems CADAT™ software and the CATS- 10000™ hardware modeler, as well as Teradyne's LASAR™ simulator. In the course of his work, he encountered many printed circuit boards and electronic modules without schematic diagrams or documentation. That started him on the journey of doing PCB reverse engineering, in part or total, to perform the necessary troubleshooting for repair. Over time, he has refined the skill into an art for which this book is all about.

About Keng Tiong

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Bernice and I are average native Chinese Singaporeans. She currently works as a PA while I had just resigned beginning this year from my company of 25 years as an electronics engineer, and am now devoting full-time to writing books.We married in our forties and had been blogging since we met to share our lives and encounters. After seven years of marriage, and now that I'm free to write, we...

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