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Kevin Milton


Kevin Milton is a consulting psychologist, who lives and works in New York. He always was interested in widening of human brain capabilities. He researches different sides of human conscious, and presents his discoverings in his books. Being a professional, he is sure, that the most effective is “working inside of everyone”, so, he writes his books in friendly and understandable manner in order most of his readers could “work inside” and implement his advices at once during the reading.

Books by Kevin Milton

Speed Reading - Book cover
MUST HAVE Speed Reading Guide For Real Book Lovers! Reading brings our eyes, mouth, brain, and ears to life; it stimulates these vital senses. It also enhances brainpower along the way. In reading, everything starts by deciphering the words on the page, but how do you exactly look at the words when you read? Back then, researchers were convinced that humans read one single word at a time.
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